Today was a good day in that there were no major crises.

I was supposed to be supporting one of the boys from the ‘support class’ with his reintegration but he was so late he missed this opportunity.

We have real concerns for this child. His attendance is awful and he is regularly at least an hour late for school. His father refuses to take any responsibility for this (Education Social Work are involved). What is so hard is that this absence and lateness have such a negative impact on his learning and his ability to function well in school and we are struggling to support him as his dad won’t, or perhaps can’t engage with us or with anyone else. Maybe this reflects his own experiences as a child.

Dad had said he was late because he couldn’t get up as he had refused to go to bed and then hadn’t got to sleep until 1am. When I saw him later and asked him about it he told me he hadn’t been able to sleep because the dog had kept him awake. I asked him why he didn’t put the dog out – he told me that it barks loudly; I asked him why dad didn’t have the dog in his room and he told me that he didn’t because it annoyed him and kept him awake.

This is a dad who is very hard to engage with…. we’ve been trying to get him to do our Positive Parenting Course but he won’t. He is like a big teenager. I see him walking home with his son trailing behind him trying to keep up. His ears plugged into his ipod…

Later in the morning I watched the performance by Y6 of the alcohol and drug awareness project that they have been doing this week with a local alcohol awareness charity. It was BRILLIANT! The children had written some incredibly powerful poems and posters and the drama performance was FAB. Their teacher has done a fantastic job with them this year.

During the performance it was interesting watching the faces of the parents that I know have their own issues with drugs and alcohol – some of them looked decidedly uncomfortable at times, which was a good thing. I hope it makes them think. The messages from the children were very powerful.

Following that I went down to the Support Class for lunch. They were on good form today. Once they had eaten they decided they would play ‘sharks’. In this game they have to work as a team to get across the classroom without touching the floor. They use two chairs. It was lovely to watch them cooperating and giggling as they tried not to fall off.

This afternoon was meetings, a tour of the school and assembly. I was thinking that it had been an uneventful day when I met a mum picking up her child. I asked why she was going home and was told that she had ‘licked her hand after picking mushrooms on the field and was off to the hospital’. Oh well. That’s a job for Monday then…

We are having another big push on reading so in Assembly I read them The Paper Bag Princess which was good fun. I was especially pleased that when I asked the children what they thought the Princess should do at the end of the story the overwhelming verdict was that the ungrateful Prince should be fed to the Dragon!

After school I was supposed to be going windsurfing with one of my teachers and a group of children. It was cancelled. Too much wind.

What a week!

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3 Responses to Friday..

  1. Ros Wilson says:

    Loved reading this, your school sounds like some I worked in and loved. A school where you KNOW teachers make the difference, because for many children, not much else in their lives does. Please give my best to your talented team – and of course to yourself.

  2. brynll says:

    You said I might like it… You are correct. Great to see a HT sharing their inner thoughts. Very brave of you. Wish more school leaders had this attitude and openness…most refreshing.
    Most of my work is in London and Yorkshire but would be great to find out more about your work. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Kind Regards,

    • bergistra says:

      It’s quite scary writing this as it makes me feel very vulnerable but I wanted to show the kind of work that lots of HTs do… Thank you for your comment 🙂

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