Friday morning was spent with my LA link person, looking at all my data and making OFSTED related judgements.  It was a very positive meeting.  I find that when I am talking about the school to other people I seem to go into hyper-mode and talk and talk and talk.  I don’t realise that I have so much to say and it also makes me realise just how much I love the school and the children and the staff.

Sometimes I forget to focus on the positive achievements when I know the hard work that we still need to do to continue to sustain and embed our progress.  It’s as if when something is ok I don’t need to worry about it any more, so it goes out of my head.  I do praise people when they have done something well and I do celebrate with staff but if I am honest I probably don’t do this enough.  Perhaps because I only praise where there is truly something to praise.  I give lots of encouragement too where it is needed.  One thing I have learned in my job is that it is always the conscientious staff who hear the criticisms and reminders, even though they’re already doing it.  It is often the staff who need to be pulling their finger out who hear it as ‘she doesn’t mean me’.

Good staff are always looking at ways they can do things better.

Sometimes some staff let the children down.  Sometimes these same staff let me down. I understand that people are really tired and emotional at the moment but I was gutted at the lack of preparation and forethought that went into Friday afternoon’s ‘Olympic Closing Ceremony’ presentation to parents. This should have been a lovely moment for us to celebrate together as a school community.

I mingled with the parents and chatted and listened to their comments.  Most have very low expectations so were quite happy with what they were seeing.

Some were not happy, and neither was I.

It was ill thought out, ill prepared and, quite frankly, embarrassing!

I need to let the staff know that it wasn’t good enough, that it is not good enough to just ‘let the children do it all’.  That the children need to be TAUGHT how to present, how to talk in public and so on.  The staff involved had completely missed the point.

That’s my unpleasant task for Monday then…

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One Response to Disappointment

  1. Vicki Davis says:

    This is a tough situation. I agree totally, though, letting students present enough isn’t enough. Students need to be encouraged and coached! They also need practice. Few of us are born presenters, I know I wasn’t. Thanks for a moving and authentic post.

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