This morning was much like last Monday morning in terms of emotional turbulence. The little boy who lost his father last weekend was back in school. He doesn’t really understand yet that he’s not coming back. He hasn’t grasped the enormity of the situation. When I went to see him in class he was happy and smiling and joining in. It was simultaneously heartbreaking and joyful. But the estate seeps in, even into the most private and painful of situations. The family of his father have turned on his mother and are harassing her, in person and on the phone. At a time when she is totally bereft and vulnerable. our PFSW is going to offer her some support.

Something else also came to light today. Something so dark and difficult that I can’t talk about it here. Suffice to say that it made me cry. And then I got a message that one of our KS2 children might be upset today as his dad is having chemotherapy.

Schools are full of people, and with people come a whole raft of experiences and issues both good and bad. Sometimes it feels like we get overwhelmed with the tough stuff here.

However, in spite of this, school life goes on. And in fact the school is very calm. In the past it has felt more like a specialist BESD school than a mainstream one, but not any more. The majority of the children are happy and settled and learning well.

The majority of my morning was taken up with a meeting with my Chair of Governors. He is brilliant. Very supportive but also challenging when he needs to be and he keeps me on my toes. I then managed a bit more work on my Raising Attainment Plan and Self Evaluation, lesson observations and performance management timetables. Ordinary things. Ordinary things are important. These are the things that keep the organisation going and growing. Keep the rhythm regular; safe.

I had my lunch in the hall with Y3 and Y4 today. One Y3 boy came and sat next to me, grinning. I asked him what he had been learning about this morning. The Iron Man. He then told me excitedly how it had fallen off a cliff and then a thing had come out of his head and then all his body parts had come back and he had come alive again. There followed an interesting discussion about exactly how big the Iron Man’s head was. If it was the size of a bedroom, how big a bedroom was it the size of? His sister then came to join us and the subject turned to division…

The rest of the afternoon was spent meeting a parent and another Head about the appropriate provision for her child. It was a good meeting with a positive outcome.

After school, while the rest of the staff were at the staff meeting, I met with my SENCO to catch up and touch base and review the start of the term. This was lovely. A chance to reflect and learn together, and perhaps, help her to further understand some of the complexities of leading and managing an institution, which she will do herself in the not too distant future…

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