Through the Looking Glass…

A lot happens in a week at school, so much in fact that often at the end of the day I can’t remember what happened that morning. I wanted to tell you of two of our successes…

The LAC child that I was very worried about is now thriving. She has her 1:1 support, her teacher is amazing in her provision for her and she is on track to achieve in line with national expectations which is fantastic given where she was when she started with us last term.

One of the children in the support group who was arriving to school very late each day and was really strugghling seems to have settled down and is now engaging in learning much more readily and is starting to thrive also but this improvement is very fragile. Today he has been very unsettled. He had lunch with me and after eating in the hall we played top trumps in my office. He got quite good – it was a horrible histories one and he enjoyed the gore. He seemed settled but a few minutes after I had returned him to the support group he was back in the corridor again. It’s Monday, he’s tired. In fact, we’re all tired.

I am feeling very stressed at the moment as there is simply so much to do. Appraisals, more data, Self Evaluation forms, getting ready for inspection, staff development and pupil progress meetings. There simply don’t seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment. Finding time to meet with my senior leadership team is so hard – there’s always parents to see or children to deal with or when we do meet we have a particular issue to sort out. I need to book us another off site day to really do some deep thinking about things.

We are having pupil progress meetings tomorrow which are always interesting as the teachers always talk so animatedly about the children in their classes. It gives us the chance to really think about what each child needs.

We are also finding that parents are getting fraught as their children get tired. Parents are asking us to help them with their child’s behaviour at home, as they are frazzled and can’t cope. Two have asked us to make referrals to Social services as they want their children to be taken into care. We do what we can to support the parents but it is very hard when they place the issue into the child and can’t see that they have any impact on their child’s behaviour. My PFSW is able to work in their homes and she is finding that home visits are quite successful.

I really could do with employing an assistant for her…

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2 Responses to Through the Looking Glass…

  1. Leocap12 says:

    Truly inspirational you find the work of your PFSW so valuable. Many educationalists regard them a waste of time. Again you are a breathe of fresh air, with your honesty, empathy and your own vulnerability makes you a fantastic person for these children.

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