After the Storm

I don’t really know what I was expecting when I went to work this morning. We had an incredibly difficult week at school last week and I was anticipating fall out today. There was none. Staff and children were happy and confident. There was a distinctly lighter air about the place, despite the grey, wet, miserable day outside.

Last week we were inspected by OFSTED. We had been waiting for the call since September and today was the first time that we weren’t all ‘waiting’. Even though we try to get on with things as usual, when you know you are waiting for ‘the call’ it’s always on your mind, somewhere. It felt lovely knowing that it wasn’t going to come today.

Managing the ‘fall out’ after an inspection can be tricky and needs careful thought. The elation at it all ‘being over’ that we are all feeling won’t last and we will have to get down to the nitty gritty of ensuring that our school continues to improve. We don’t do it for OFSTED, we do it for the children. The impact of an inspection is enormous. Whatever the outcome. As the adrenaline subsides there can be a ‘lull’, where things slow down, which we can’t allow to happen. It’s a natural response when pressure has been great, and you are spent.

We have a new addition to the ‘group’ at the moment. A child whose behaviour ebbs and flows. He has an incredibly difficult older sibling. Over the last few weeks there has been a significant deterioration in his behaviour which has been quite bizzare at times. He will wander round the classroom singing nursery rhymes interspersed with swearing, trying to get the attention of his classmates buy being rude and silly. Refusing to comply with anything anyone asks. I read a brilliant paper this morning about Attachment disorder and although I don’t think that this child has attachment issues, he does have extreme anxiety levels and his bahaviour seems to be a manifestation of those. He had had a very settled start to the term and we have been trying to figure out what was happening as clearly something major has changed. Mum has been in and met with us, and said that everything was ok but today she told us that her partner has left, and won’t be coming back. Suddenly all the pieces fell into place. He was very attached to his mum’s partner.

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2 Responses to After the Storm

  1. sirius23 says:

    Well done on getting through an inspection. Good luck with the student, sounds like he is in a supportive and caring environment.

  2. Mrs Travers says:

    Glad you got through your inspection ok and I am sure the feelings of elation are well deserved and I hope you all take that feeling through these weeks in the run up to the festive season. I am sure that brings it’s own issues for some of your vulnerable families. I know you will all help your lad through this very difficult time and he will be back on track in no time. It is a shame mum didn’t mention anything sooner, it alway helps to get to the root of these things quickly with children. Good luck for the rest of the week.

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